Open for holidays… the pleasures of life at sea

In summer, the sea becomes an immense stage on which all kinds of boats move: large ships, ferries, fishing boats, sailboats, motorboats and even canoes, as happens in Sabaudia, near Torre Paola.
And everything becomes even more lively when surfboards and the colourful sails of kite boards appear on the water. But the adrenaline soars when we see that on the water there are people who reach a height of 15 and more metres thanks to Flyboards, and it almost seems that they are taking off and flying. It’s a chilling sport, but it’s safe.


The important thing is to practice it with experienced people, as happens in Gaeta. With the right indications, they enable anyone to try and succeed in the enterprise. How does it work? You position yourself with your feet on a small metal base, connected to a water craft by hoses through which pass powerful jets of water whose force can be adjusted according to the situation, and which make you fly up and stay suspended in the air to perform movements and acrobatics of different difficulties.

Flyboarding and seariding on the Sea near the mountain island. Water summer extreme sports.

This sport can also be practiced with a partner and could be an idea to try out for newlywed couples in August!
The more daring will feel a bit like Ironman, when he emerges from the sea…
For those who want to try something quieter, why not take advantage of the holidays to learn how to ride a SUP? What is it? It’s a stand up paddle board, reminiscent of a surfboard, that you move with the technique of paddling, like with a typical Polynesian canoe. And a national champion lives in Gaeta who is also a skilled instructor.


Kite-surfing is practiced almost everywhere along the Pontine coast, with the only condition being the presence of wind.
But there are many other opportunities: you can learn to sail or to surf with courses for adults and children, go kayaking or water skiing, live the experience of padding a dragon boat or even go scuba diving that, as in the case of the WWF Blue Oases allows you to explore “the world that lives” under the surface of the sea in the “Riviera di Ulisse” and “Monti Aurunci” Regional Parks.
In the islands of Ponza and Ventotene, some of the most intensely practiced activities are snorkelling and scuba diving with cameras ready to capture the wonders of the seabed, still untouched and rich in brightly-coloured flora and fauna.


For beginners, the diving centres offer the so-called “sea baptism,” an experience aimed at overcoming the fears and uncertainties of those who want to learn to explore the seabed.
And because the sea is for everyone, people with disabilities have specialized diving centres at their disposal to welcome them and to carry out diving trips and other activities together with them, while respecting nature and the environment.
And after a day spent at the sea, and in the sea, you will start to think about where to go for an aperitif or a tasty dinner, perhaps based on seafood, for example.
Your choice could fall, for example, on San Felice Circeo or Sperlonga, with their typical little squares and narrow alleyways, right in the heart of their historic centres. Oases of happiness where cars are not allowed and everything turns into elegantly illuminated parlours furnished with tables and comfortable chairs where you can have an aperitif and then look out on the panoramic terraces and admire the sunset before moving on to one of the many restaurants and clubs open until late at night.
But for those who would like to combine the sea with the discovery of small jewels of Roman and medieval architecture, the destination could be Terracina and, in particular, its historic centre at the top of the town, where there is the beautiful Piazza del Municipio or the Foro Emiliano, a place that symbolizes the local culture and traditions, and that in summer turns into a stage where various kinds of shows are presented. A space made even more unique by the Roman theatre partially brought to light, on whose steps up to 1,500 spectators could be seated!
In Via Anita Garibaldi, a few steps from the square, there are several typical restaurants ready to welcome and satisfy the most demanding palates with traditional dishes accompanied by locally produced wines such as Moscato di Terracina. Before heading back, you must stop again in Piazza del Municipio, to taste the imaginative and delicious creations of a young Master Gelato Maker, who has valorised the art of homemade gelato, earning awards in national competitions. His secret? Passion mixed with the use of excellent local products such as, just to name a few, Muscat grapes, Favette strawberries, local fruit, basil, chilli pepper and saffron from Campo Soriano.

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