The medieval village of Orvinio (Rieti) is in 29th place vying to be recovered and valued by the census of “The Places of the Heart” 2018, which for nine years has been seeking out and protecting the small and large pearls of Italian naturalistic, landscape, architectural and cultural heritage. Until November 30th you can send your vote to “Places of the Heart” of the FAI, the Italian Environmental Fund.

Orvinio is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and a municipality in the Lucretili Mountains Park. With around 400 inhabitants, it stands on a hill around the imposing castle belonging to the family of the Marquises Malvezzi Campeggi. The medieval village, which can be entered through a large arch, still retains its ancient charm: for many centuries it was under the dominion of the Benedictine monks of Santa Maria del Piano; in the 16th century it became a fiefdom of the Orsini family and then of the ducal Muti family. After 1625 it passed to the Borghese who became its dukes. In the nineteenth century, Orvinio was part of the Papal State, seat of government and residence of the Governor.

It preserves ancient 16th century churches and picturesque remains of the medieval Abbey of Santa Maria del Piano.

Orvinio is the birthplace of the famous 17- century painter Vincenzo Manenti.

You can taste the Aglione, Orvinio’s typical tomato sauce used to season all the traditional dishes in this enchanting village. It is prepared with two cloves of garlic and a chilli pepper sautéed in abundant olive oil.

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