Pomezia is a town dominated by Rationalist monumental architecture, the typical geometrical-monumental Fascist style also to be found in other towns in Lazio; Latina, Sabaudia, Pontinia and Aprilia. Located 35 km from Roma, Pomezia is one of the New Towns, originating in the 1920s and 1930s, and developing in the 1960s as an industrial centre.

A visit to Pomezia will astound you with its historical treasures; the town centre was designed, constructed and embellished with paintings and sculptures representing Italian Rationalism; the village of Pratica di Mare contains historically fascinating remains of ancient Lavinium, the town founded by Aeneas, as attested to by the town itself, the Civic Museum and the Archeological Site of the Thirteen Altars and the Heroon [Tomb] of Aeneas.

Nearby we find the extraordinarily beautiful coastal dunes of Torvajanica, a must for kite-surf and diving aficionados. This protected area encompasses the Castel Fusano Park, the Presidential Reserve of Castel Porziano and the Capocotta estate.

Also worth visiting are the Sughereta Forest, the Germanic Military Cemetery, the second largest of such heritage sites in Italy, the Tomb of Sergio Leone in the historically important cemetery of Pratica di Mare and the archaeological remains of the Roman Villa of Via Siviglia in Torvajanica, as well as the Sanctuary of the Sol Indiges [Sun God], between the Military Airport Mario De Bernardi, the Castel Porziano estate and the coast.

Leave some time for fun at the Zoomarine Aqua Park, and for tasting torvicelli alla pometina, a pasta made with various types of flour in a sauce of anchovies, pecorino cheese and fresh tomatoes, thus combining country and sea traditions.

The Patron Saint Benedetto da Norcia is commemorated on 11 July with musical entertainment and fireworks, while on 15 August the Feast of the Assumption is celebrated with procession of boats in the sea and Mass held on the beach of Torvaianica. The Pomezia Light Festival in the summer is a dazzling spectacle.

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dist. da Roma 35 km
da non perdere Cimitero Militare Germanico
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