Pomezia is the fifth municipality in the Pontine-Roman Agro, built at the completion of the largest and most complex land reclamation works.

The architecture in the historic centre of Pomezia is geometric and monumental, designed in the typical lictorian style that in Lazio also connotes the cities in Latina (Littoria), Sabaudia, Pontinia and Aprilia.

The most “representative buildings” in the town’s core are the Casa Comunale (Municipal House), the Torre-Serbatoio (Tower-Tank), the Post Office, the church of San Benedetto, the Casa del Fascio and the school, Scuola-GIL, as well as the Piazza. Their lines and geometries are reminiscent of a simplified Neoclassicism where the preferred decorations are smooth walls, a play of round arches and simple frames that give the whole architectural core a severe, austere and linear appearance.

The town has dilated, almost metaphysical perspectives, characterized by wide scenic spaces, with porticos and serial repetitions of architectural structures that enhance the monumental and heroic nature of its urban structure. The main materials used are travertine for external cladding as well as tuff and peperino which represent the classic materials used in Rome from the time of the Imperial Age.

For more information: www.comune.pomezia.rm.it

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