Rocca Canterano

Most know about the famous rape of the Sabine women, which occurred in ancient times in the Rieti area, but few know that in 1084 at Rocca Canterano some local girls were abducted. The kidnappers later proposed a reconciliation by offering a banquet to the families that were deprived of their daughters. Since then it has been tradition at Rocca Canterano to offer guests a “reconciliation lunch”. It is today a folkloristic event during which you can savour local specialities such as “cecapreti” (hand-made pasta served with sheep-meat sauce) and little gnocchi made simply with flour and water.

A stroll along the characteristic streets of Rocca Canterano will allow you to see some remarkable sites and only a few kilometres from Rome. From the Church of Santa Maria Assunta to the Fontanile Piene delle Portelle (a small town fountain), from Palazzo Moretti to Fonte Amato (a wayside fountain), you will discover a town steeped in history and set in a lovely natural environment. Do not miss the Church of the Madonna del Brecciaro, nearly in ruins, and that of San Michele on the summit of the Costa Sole Mountain.

Hikers will find an interesting loop trail along which the ruins of the Church of San Michele and the Well of Retommella can be seen. From here sweeping views over some of the highest peaks in the region are truly breathtaking.

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