A small rural town near Rome, Roiate is situated in the Ernici Mountains and perched on a lovely tuff hill that separates the basins of the Rivers Aniene and Sacco.
The main attractions are the ruins of the 12th-century castle, the archaeological sites and the Roman walls. Also interesting is the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie. The oldest church is the Parish Church of San Tommaso Apostolo, whose foundations are much older than the 16th century. The imposing interior features a single aisle, but only a depiction of the Assumption and of the Saviour are left of the original frescoes, both dated 1300.
The most striking thing to see in Roiate is a highly-venerated slab of limestone which bears the impression of the body of Saint Benedict of Norcia. Benedict had arrived in the town during an epidemic of the plague and had lain down to rest on the stone slab. Still today the locals believe that during the celebration of the saint the stone exudes drops of sweat which they call manna. To preserve the stone a church was built and later a nunnery. The relic has attracted many travellers over the centuries and many testimonies have been recorded of their experience. The nunnery was soon closed down, but the church continued to exist because of the localʼs traditional.
Local gastronomic specialities include barbecued meats, especially lamb, celebrated with a feast in September. The Rosciola monovarietal extra-virgin olive oil is excellent, as are the cheeses and the ricotta. Other must-tries are the local legumes and the pasta dishes served with simple sauces of peasant tradition. One of the best Italian red wines is produced here, the Cesanese DOC.
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