Founded on August 5, 1933, about 90 km from Rome, Sabaudia’s original urban plan and architectures have remained intact, and have deservedly garnered it the title of the City of Rationalism.

Today it is a tourist town that offers a very high quality as a summer destination, one of the most sought-after and well-loved by both Italians and foreigners.

As soon as you leave the original core you are already on the banks of Lake Paola which has numerous arms with dense vegetation. It is not unusual to see herons, egrets and a number of smaller birds take to the wing.

From the edge of the waterfront road, the image is fascinating and evocative; in a single glance, the relaxing waters of the lake, the dunes, the kilometres of beach, often deserted, are the same that Alberto Moravia used to wander along. Everywhere you see the sea, the greenery and the imposing mass of the Circeo Promontory that dominates Sabaudia from south-east and is the headquarters of the Circeo National Park, with the Visitors’ Centre, the Nature Museum and the Claudia Ortese Documentation Centre on School Education and Health Work in the Pontine Marshes.

Despite its young age, Sabaudia preserves important testimonials to the centuries-old past that preceded its foundation: the 13th-century Santuario della Sorresca, the Palazzo di Domiziano (one of the most important archaeological complexes in lower Lazio), the so-called Fonte di Lucullo, the F. Murena swimming pool (fed by seawater).

The city was also awarded the FEE Blue Flag in 2018.

For more information: Comune di Sabaudia 

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