San Felice Circeo

About 100 km from Rome, San Felice Circeo, a small characteristic historical centre, built around the 13th-century tower, Torre dei Templari and the Palazzo Baronale, overlooking Piazzetta Lanzuisi is, in the summer, one of the thriving seaside nightlife centres, with bars and local venues, boutiques and shops.

It is said that Ulysses stayed here, attracted by the Sorceress Circe. This area has certainly been inhabited since the dawn of time as we see from the numerous finds collected in the Exhibition Homo Sapiens et Habitat and above all, the numerous sea ​​caves in which the skull of a Neanderthal man, animal bones, tools and utensils, and remains of prehistoric peoples were found.

The origins of the city are documented by the acropolis and the Cyclopean walls of Circeii which date back to the 6th-4rth century BC and follow the line of the mountain’s summit and historic centre.

It is part of the forest area of ​​the Circeo National Park, whose promontory dominates the area and offers a vast panorama from the top.

To explore the mountain, you can take the Crocette road, immersed in the green of the oak forest, up to a plateau that leads to the remains of the Circeii acropolis, or the Faro road that winds halfway up the southern side.

Circumnavigation by boat offers a spectacle of the numerous sea caves: Azzurra, Presepio, Capre, Fossellone, Impiccato, and Maga Circe that are on the way to peculiar sites like the Batteria, Punta Rossa, the alabaster quarry, the Precipizio, the Fico towers, Cervia and Paola.

For more information: Comune di San Felice Circeo

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