San Giorgio a Liri

At 10 kilometres from Montecassino, San Giorgio is situated in the southernmost part of the Frosinone area, amid oaks, beeches and crystal waters.

Throughout the Middle Ages it gravitated in the orbit of the Abbey of nearby Montecassino, and developed around the church, subsequently equipping itself with walls.

The town centre is dominated by the Palace of Prince Morra, once an abbey residence, while the Church of San Giorgio, dating from the 17th century, boast a beautiful bell-tower.

Not far from the town, surrounded by the greenest oak and beech studded mountains and fed by an aquifer, the little lake of San Giorgio is a natural wonder of the clearest water, of an intense blue, so pure, indeed, that it was once used for drinking water and now for irrigation.

It is an oasis of peace and quiet, made even enchanting by the presence of a statue of the Virgin Mary, submerged in the waters of the lake since 1982.

To tickle the palate: the pepper Peperone Cornetto di Pontecorvo DOP, of distinctive taste, with delicate skin and easily digestible; crushed olives in a salty marinade, the recipe for which is said to be attributable to Aeneas, who, sailing to Gaeta, allegedly came across the little black olives floating on the water, which had become extremely tasty in the process; and dried pennyroyal, produced only in San Giorgio and Alvito, delicious in omelettes or for making an amazing liqueur.

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