San Giovanni Incarico

San Giovanni Incarico is slightly less than 120 km from Rome.

Strabo spoke of this place as a “vico” established after the destruction of Fregellae, but it was after the destruction of the Insula Pontisolarati that the Castle appeared under the name of San Giovanni Incarico.

In 1715, the barony of San Giovanni Incarico, with Pico and Roccaguglielma (today’s Esperia), became part of the Kingdom of Naples. The historic centre, located at 200 meters above sea level, has a baronial palace, towers of the city walls, the Church of San Giovanni Battista with a medieval bell tower, the monumental fountain of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon (1777), the Rimembranza fountain, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia (11th century), in Colle San Maurizio.

The town’s natural heritage is full of attractions, such as the lake formed by the recesses of the Liri River and the archaeological oasis of Fabrateria Nova.

The Nature Reserve, where the lake of San Giovanni Incarico is located, covers an area of ​​725 hectares and was established in 1999.

The territory also includes the archaeological areas of Fregellae and Fabrateria, giving the place a cultural as well as exquisite naturalistic vocation.

The vegetation is typical of wetlands, with reeds at the water’s edge. The outermost areas host poplars, willows, alders and oaks.

The lake is inhabited by different species of fish such as carp, tench, and perch, making it a popular freshwater fishing destination.

For more information: Comune San Giovanni Incarico

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