San Vittore del Lazio

Perched on a hill overlooking the last stretch of the Valle del Liri, San Vittore is the last stop in the Lazio of the Via Francigena-Casilina on the border between Lazio, Campania and Molise.

The historic centre is surrounded by medieval walls, with clear traces and openings along the walkway, and an endless view towards the Mainarde and the Aurunci mountains. A real gem, true pride of the inhabitants, is the Church of San Nicola: on the two aisles the stratifications of frescoes with figures of saints and bishops date back to the year 1000; the works of mercy and the martyrdom of Saint Margaret of Antiochare, Santa Margherita d’Antiochia, are instead 14th century. The other important church in San Vittore, Santa Maria della Rosa, rebuilt several times, has a most interesting pulpit with a 13th-century lectern, decorated with sculptures and mosaics. There is no lack of pre-Roman testimonials: not far from the town on the slopes of Mount Sammucro the remains of the walls of a Samnite settlement corroborate the hypothesis that this is the site of the city of Aquilonia, destroyed in the third century BC.

One rarity is the Christmas tree, one of the largest in Europe, outlined on the slopes of the mountain behind the village, with thousands of lights, lit up during the Christmas holidays, visible from the highway, autostrada del Sole.

The local gastronomy is typical Ciociara, but the cheese, ricottine, and tripe, trippetta alla sanvittorese are really special.

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