Santa Marinella and Santa Severa

Santa Marinella is a very pleasant town, called by many the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Along the coast, which is characterized by the presence of numerous inlets, some sandy and some rocky, there are many summer residences built in Art Nouveau style, a truly ideal place frequented all year round by Roman, and other, vacationers. Santa Marinella, moreover, is a popular destination for all lovers of surfing.

For tourists who love diving and underwater fishing, the seabed of Santa Marinella offers a magnificent underwater panorama; the conformation of the seabed is, in fact, characterized mainly by stones, rocks and coves, usual lairs for the most varied species of Mediterranean marine fauna.

Continuing along the stretch of coast to the south, up to the area of the Parco Maiorca, its characteristic feature is the presence of a series of pile dwellings: these are very small wooden huts resting on wooden pillars arranged in continuous rows, which, especially if viewed from afar, as a whole, create a particularly picturesque landscape.

From Capolinaro onwards, the coastline changes its morphology presenting itself, for almost its entire length, full of sandy beaches and well-equipped establishments, ideal places where tourists can relax in complete tranquillity. Just 50 km from the Capital, in the municipality of Santa Marinella, is the charming seaside resort of Santa Severa, famous especially for the beautiful medieval castle that stands in the place of the ancient Etruscan settlement of Pyrgi.

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