Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano

Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano is a small town at the southernmost end of the province of Frosinone, about 70 Km from it.

A village with Benedictine origins located at 137 meters above sea level, it was populated by colonies sent by the Abbey of Montecassino and later suffered considerable destruction during the Second World War.

Its history is inextricably linked to the glorious Abbey.

The first urban settlement developed around the Church of Sant’Ambrogio, then called San Biagio. Inside the church there is a baroque altar from the 1600s and a wooden crucifix from the 1300s.

Immersed in a green river valley, this charming agricultural centre preserves and passes down its Ciociara food and wine culture and comes to life in the summer with festivals and typical popular events.

For more information: Comune di Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano

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