Sant’Andrea del Garigliano

Built on a rocky spur, Sant’Andrea is one of the villages in the Valley of the Saints, in the historic Terra di Lavoro region, once Campania Felix.

Overlooking the Valle del Garigliano, the ancient city centre preserves the walls, circular towers, partly incorporated into the houses, and clock tower, once a church bell tower.

It was definitely inhabited in Roman times – a Latin epigraph was found – then repeatedly damaged and rebuilt, up to the last World War: the village was on the ‘Gustav Line’, and suffered destruction in 1943-44.

The greenery and water characterize the landscape: below the village is a marina that allows access to the Garigliano to navigate it, to enjoy the therapeutic Salomone spring, and to navigate along the river to the hot spring, Terme di Suio, a few km away: here, the thermal pools with water games, waterfalls and gargoyles set in a beautiful natural environment ensure total relaxation.

The cuisine is typical Ciociara: so as not to lose the precious traditional recipes, and perhaps small local variations, the village’s elderly have collected recipes and photos of traditional dishes, available to interested parties on the Comune’s site.

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