Skiing at Campocatino

Campocatino lies in a beautiful karstic basin 1,800 metres above the seal level and is surrounded by the Ernici and the Cantari Mountains, which are part of the Apennine chain.

Its altitude allows it to have enough snow throughout the skiing season, although artificial snow can be produced on site when necessary.

There are 12 kilometres of ski slopes of varying difficulty: black (experts), blue (easy) and red (intermediate). There is also a 5-kilometre cross-country skiing circuit that runs through spectacular woodland.

Other activities commonly offered at Apennine resort villages are ski mountaineering, off-trail skiing, Nordic skiing and snowboarding.

Campocatino in particular also offers the possibility to practice carving, bob, ice-skating and take excursions with snowshoes.

Campocatino is home to an Astronomical Observatory which operates under a very dark sky and employs sophisticated instruments. For this reason it is considered one of the most advanced recreational observatories in Italy and Europe.

The observatory is also a research centre for light pollution, authorized by the Italian Astronomical Society. More specifically it gathers valuable data used to assess the damage caused by this kind of pollution and offers solutions.

This research has produced guidelines which some communities in Italy have already adopted to control public lighting and reduce light pollution.

Every year during summer the Observatory opens its doors to the public for a few evenings, giving visitors the opportunity to gaze at galaxies, comets, nebulae and many other wonders that can be observed in a pitch-black star-studded sky.

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