Spas and relaxation in the province of Frosinone

At just over an hour by car from Rome, we find three delightful spa centres in the heart of the Ciociaria area. Perfect for those seeking blissful relaxation in the province of Frosinone.

Thermal complexes waiting to pamper you and assure you moments of profound wellness far away from the everyday routine.

The mots well-known thermal centre is undoubtedly Fiuggi, famous for its “water that breaks down [kidney] stones”. It is located in an idyllic setting and made up of two spa centres: the Fonte di Bonifacio VIII and the Fonte Anticolana, with a total surface area of no less than 94,000 sq. m!

You might wonder, what’s the difference between the two centres? Well, Bonifacio VIII, is the one for serious spa treatments, to be experienced in the morning, while the water of the Fonte Anticolana hot spring offers more recreational, relaxing afternoons.

The Thermal Spa of Pompeo, in Ferentino is a famous spa centre, much appreciated for the beneficial properties of its waters.

The Varroniane Thermal Complex in Cassino consists of numerous springs and visitors never fail to be impressed by the wide range of facilities and resources featuring the mineral-rich waters.

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