Sport nella provincia di Rieti

Sports in the province of Rieti

The province of Rieti with its infinite beauty and attractions is the ideal destination if you’re looking for plenty of year-round sports. A sign on a building in the square, Piazzetta Rufo in Rieti, tells us how the capital of Sabina is geographically the centre of Italy, but we think it is also the centre of all the beauty and activities the area offers.

In every season of the year you can do all kinds of your favourite sports; skiing, hang-gliding, mountain biking or sports for the adrenaline-seekers like canyoning, bungee jumping and rafting in the waters of the Nera and Velino Rivers.

For water lovers, on the northern side of Rieti the courses go towards Umbria as far as the Nature Reserve of the Lungo and Ripasottile lakes (3000 hectares), located in the middle of a valley crossed by the Velino River. This is the ideal environment for bird watching among woods and reeds surrounded by “deafening” silences. Last but not least there is golf. In the province of Rieti there are two 9-hole courses, the Centro d’Italia in Castelfranco and the Belmonte Golf Club.

From Greccio to Poggio Bustone, and Contigliano to Rivodutri the wonders of Rieti await you will all its ​​unique charm.



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