Sport nel Turano, Salto e Cicolano

Sports in Turano, Salto and Cicolano

Sports in Turano, Salto and Cicolano

In the province of Rieti, ​​Lake Turano and Lake Cicolano and their surroundings have all kinds of activities for lovers of outdoor sports.

Just over an hour’s drive from Rome, you’ll be welcomed by a unique landscape appreciated for its variety, its rocky peaks, undulating plains, high plateaus, “infernal” gorges running between overhanging cliffs, woods, grassy paths, pastures, rivers, streams and artificial lakes.

The area is full of interesting possibilities, from trekking on foot along the countless paths in search of a splendid waterfall or the ruins of ancient transhumance stations.

Lovers of nature photography can try their hand at photographic trekking, in search of animals in the wild or an unusual and once-in-a-lifetime detail.

For “soft tourism” there is horseback riding which lets you travel farther over one or more days with overnight stays in unexpected shelters in the small villages scattered along the way.

Mountain bike lovers, there are some great routes for you too… Underlying everything there must be a good dose of training! Rough terrain and sudden wheelies can put a strain on you, but have no fear! There are plenty of opportunities for the more challenging water sports, such as canoeing and water skiing on the Turano and Salto lakes. In the heart of Italy, there is no end of activities! For those seeking a day of relaxation surrounded by nature, you can climb into a pedal boat and slide along the water from one point to another along the banks, through marshy reeds where large colonies of waterfowl find refuge; or go fishing.

For those looking for a rush of adrenaline, no problem, you can try fantastic descents along swirling and winding torrents, or daring climbs, in rock climbing gyms, or on overhanging cliffs!

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