Tarano is situated after Stimigliano along the Rome-Florence motorway. It appears suddenly, on top of a hill, completely enclosed by its medieval walls. If you keep driving beyond the village in the direction of Montebuono, you can see its houses stretched out on the rocky promontory where it proudly developed.

To visit this charming village you enter through the gate and walk along the uphill street until you get to the castle. The streets are adorned with flowered plants that the inhabitants love to place outside their doors and on the balconies of their houses, as if to greet the visitors.

The historic centre of Tarano will treat you to an unexpected medieval panorama, with its tower houses and the stone dwellings attached to each other, huddled around the imposing pre-Romanesque Duomo and its handsome 12th-century bell tower.

When you arrive in the Piazza del Castello you will marvel at the sweeping views over the lush vegetation extending around the hill. You can stop and enjoy this tranquil spot and gratify your eyes as well as your palate by having a bite to eat at one of the typical restaurants.

Tarano is known for its traditional hand-made pastas, such as maccaroni a matassa. Its typical dishes include soups with grains, such as spelt, and every dish is seasoned with the oil of the Sabina region, which enhances their flavour.

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