Temple of Jupiter Anxur

Jupiter Anxur is a large sacred area located along the original tract of Via Appia, Regina Viarum, that passed through the strategic and military centre of Terracina (Latina).

The archaeological area situated at the top of Sant’Angelo mountain is 136 km from Rome and around 3 km from the old city. The road to reach it is comfortable and well signposted.

“Young” Jupiter, or Jupiter Anxurus, surely did not imagine reaching the third millennium to earn a fame different from the mythological one.

Attributed to Jupiter, protector of Anxur, the name of ancient Terracina, the vast area was erected on different terraces sloping down with many worship buildings, preserved only on the drawings.

The biggest one was the temple with six columns on the front and oblique with respect to the foundation. A massive building with the longest side, around 60 m, facing South-West, its twelve big substructure arches are preserved.

Through guided tours, documents and videos your imagination will be shaped thanks to a virtual reconstruction that will help you imagine the majesty of the temple.

The oracular cave, a natural deep crevice, originally opened on the rock bank of the mountain front, dedicated to worship.

Next to the biggest temple arises a smaller one, dedicated to Venus Obsequens, the Indulgent Venus who, according to tradition, forgave women accused of adultery, granted pleas (many ex-voto of the Roman period were found) and favoured victories.

A place rich in small hidden archaeological treasures, it is a terrace with a breath-taking panorama over the whole coast that goes from Circeo to Gaeta and then the Pontine Islands.

For aficionados of art and nature a visit not to be missed.

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