A little more than 100 km from Rome and 120 km from Naples, Terracina (LT), the southern entrance to the Agro Pontino (Pontine Marshes) area, is one of the main tourist centres in Lazio due to its seaside location and cultural heritage.

A visual summary of its history can be seen in the current Piazza del Municipio where there are parts of the Roman Appian Way, the Forum Aemilianum, traces of the Roman Theatre and the Capitolium.

The medieval period can be seen in the Cathedral of San Cesareo, Palazzo Venditti, Torre dei Rosa and Frangipane Castle. Within the ancient town are the Churches of Purgatorio and San Giovanni, with Palazzo Braschi and Palazzo Bonifica nearby, and the modern part, with the Town Hall.

From Piazza del Municipio there is also a view of the two symbols of Terracina: the sea and the Temple of Jupiter Anxur. The latter is part of a monumental complex that made up the Acropolis, located on Monte Sant’Angelo from which you can admire a stunning view of the gulf and the Pontine Islands up to, on especially clear days, the islands of Ischia and Capri.

Terracina is rich in traditions, such as the festivals of the Patron Saint Caesarius, of Saint Silvanus and of the Assumption or the more scenic one of the Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel in July with the spectacular procession to the sea, and the fish festival. The food and wine products are an absolute must, such as the Favetta strawberry and the Moscato di Terracina IGT, the Cesanese and the Aleatico.

The city was once again awarded the F.E.E. Blue Flag in 2018.

For more information: Comune di Terracina

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