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The Ara Pacis Museum

The Ara Pacis Augustae (Augustan Altar to Peace) is one of the symbolic places of Augustan power. It is an actual altar dedicated to Octavian Augustus, in the accepted meaning of divinity, and was originally located in an area of ​​Campo Marzio consecrated to the celebration of victories.

The altar celebrates Roman peace and prosperity achieved through various conquests. The place where it was erected is emblematic, because it was located a Roman mile (1,472 m) from pomerium, the city border and limit where the consul returning from a military expedition lost his military powers (imperium militiae) and came into possession of his civil powers (imperium domi).

Today situated in the historical city centre, not far from Piazzale Flaminio, it retains all of its ancient and evocative fascination. It stands inside a bright and spacious modern structure, which makes it a pleasant place to a visit, and is a very popular place for photography and painting exhibitions.

To rediscover the “Ara as it was”, until October 25, 2019, visitors are taken back 2000 years in time through the use of virtual reality. This is a really sensational experience for viewers of all ages!

The sensors on the VR viewer (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass) make it possible to recreate, on a mobile phone screen, 3D images that reproduce the monument and its surroundings during the era of its origins. This intense immersive virtual reality experience allows visitors to sit next to the Ara and see characters from ancient Rome moving around them. Thanks to the augmented reality technique, the images produced by the viewer allow for a reconstruction of the missing parts and their original colours.

The Museum, located on the Lungotevere in Augusta (Via Tomacelli corner), is open during the following hours:

Every day 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

24 and 31 December 9:30 am – 2 pm

The ticket office closes one hour before the museum’s closing time


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