grotte di pilato - ponza te

The Grottos of Pontius Pilate

Those who travel to Ponza Island should visit the Grotte di Pilato (the Grottos of Pontius Pilate), located in the area of the port, below the cemetery of Ponza. It is a subterranean archaeological site consisting of tunnels and pools. Its name is linked with an ancient legend regarding Pontius Pilate.

The grottos were dug and perfectly carved even below the sea level. They were most likely used to farm moray eels, a fish considered sacred by the Romans.

The tubs were connected to each other via a system of tunnels. From this area a stairway led to the sumptuous villa of the Emperor Octavian Augustus. Niches carved out of the rock housed statues of divinities. One of these, probably portraying Apollo or Dionysus, was recently recovered, along a small tuff altar and a few terracotta lanterns.

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