The Lucretili Mountains

The beautiful Lucretili Mountains are known as the Gruppo del Monte Gennaro (The Gennaro Mountain Range) and are part of the Sub-Apennines of Lazio.

The environments of these mountains are quite diverse. This is due to the complex climate that defines this area.

The climate is in fact the ecological element which most affects the distribution of living organisms.

In particular, vegetation such as woods, brush and meadows can be seen at different altitudes according to latitude and exposure.

Orchards and olive groves clad the south-west side of the Gennaro Mountain while woods abounding with Mediterranean plant species can be found at a higher altitude.

Coming out of the typical woods of the Apennines you can easily find yourself walking on century-old pastures.

The landscape is therefore certainly note-worthy, from the enchanting views over the countryside of Rome to the peaks of the Apennines.

However, these mountains are not only known for their magnificent natural environment, but also for their history and archaeological sites.

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