Maratona di Roma

The Rome Marathon

A race through history along the canonical 42,195-meter route amid the beauties of the Eternal City. The Rome Marathon is one date that fans of this sport won’t want to miss.

It starts and finishes along the Via dei Fori Imperiali at the height of Foro di Traiano and the Campidoglio, making the event unique and unrepeatable. The route passes entirely through the streets of the historic centre. Among ups and downs, there are 77 changes in direction and of the 42 kilometres fewer than 8 are on sampietrini (pavement found in Rome).

Since the early 20th century on the streets of Rome, many runners have made this sport famous. In 1906, Dorando Pietri triumphed on the finish line of Piazza di Siena. Or how can we forget Abebe Bikila, when he ran barefoot, flying along the Via Appia Antica to arrive as winner under the Arch of Costantino during the Olympic Games of 1960. These are only two examples that bear witness to how Rome has always been the stage of epic enterprises whether historic or sportive.

In 1995 the marathon of Rome became a must in the national running program, calling many athletes from around the world. Stefano Baldini, Ruggero Pertile and Alberico Di Cecco are the three Azzurri (Italian athletes) that were able to oppose the domination of the athletes from Kenya and Ethiopia, experts in marathons.

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