The Sea of Sperlonga

Located on the Flacca Road, the town of Sperlonga is perched on a strip of land of the San Magno Mountain. Its name derives from the “speluncae”, the caves along the coast.

Sperlonga has preserved intact its original nucleus and its typical Mediterranean atmosphere, rendered by white houses, small archways connecting the very narrow streets and occasional views of sea and sky. Narrow streets and step pathways branch off from its small square, leading to the beaches and to the most pristine waters of the Lazio region,awarded the Bandiera Blu, symbol of quality of sea water and beach facilities.

The coastline is ravishing, with its long beaches and crystal-clear waters. Not to be missed are the sandy beaches with unusual names: Fontana, Canzatora, Salette and Bonifica.

Interesting places along the coast near Sperlonga are the beach of Angolo and the nearby sea grotto of the Villa of Tiberius; the Bazzano coast, just beyond the Ciannito promontory, which extends to the sea; and the beach of the Bambole, with its sea grotto.

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Sea and Beaches