The Waterfalls of Monte Gelato

Today a destination for outings and a place particularly loved by film and advertising scriptwriters, Monte Gelato is one of the most significant and evocative historical sites in the Treja Valley.

The river flows through the trees forming small natural cascades which in summer offer a bit of refreshment to the many Sunday visitors.

Because of its abundance of water, Monte Gelato has been frequented by man since prehistoric times.

This area preserves traces of the many settlements that have taken place here over time: from the remains of a Roman villa of the first century BC, to the agricultural settlement of the eighth century AD, to the water mill built in 1800s which was maintained active until the 1960s.

The “Mola,” or water mill, was built by the Del Drago family, who in those years owned the same-name estate.

It is a complex of buildings that makes use of a pre-existing medieval constructions: a structure situated between the two branches of the Treja river, in correspondence with the famous waterfalls, perhaps already used in ancient times as a mill, and a tower located nearby, along the present-day road.

The mill, which remained in use until after the war and was then abandoned, has been recovered only in very recent times, and houses one of the Park’s information points that with models and panels illustrates several aspects of the structure of the surrounding area.

The charm of these places, the numerous cascades, the shady gorges, make it a classic destination for trips and outings.

The walk begins with a visit to the “Mola di Monte Gelato,” and then descends towards the waterfalls, on the right bank of the Treja.

You can choose to cross a small stream by walking on rocks and then take a path that runs along the river, or simply relax in the shade of poplars and elms.

Starting point: the waterfalls of Monte Gelato

Point of arrival: from Mazzano Romano you arrive at Calcata.

Trails with CAI signage:

Trail 001 – The Ravines of the Mola di Monte Gelato (from the waterfalls of Monte Gelato to the village of Mazzano)

Trail 002 – The Ravines of the Mola di Monte Gelato (from the village of Mazzano to the provincial road for Calcata).

Duration: about four hours.

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