Thermal Baths in the province of Rome

When fatigue and stress make themselves felt, have no fear! Here are four good reasons to return to everyday life more charged up than ever. Spend a relaxing day in the province of Rome not far from the capital.

Starting from Rome going towards Tivoli you will find the Acque Albule Terme in Rome. Four pools of sulphurous water with a constant temperature of 23°C throughout the year for a water surface of 6000 square meters, 3000 litres of water per second, this is the amount of water that arrives in the thermal park from the Regina and Colonnelle lakes where the springs are located.

In Palombara Sabina, just under an hour’s drive from Rome, there are the Terme Sabine di Cretone, 3 large pools, one for children, directly fed by sulphurous mineral springs. A beautiful centre where you can spend a day of absolute relaxation, including a swim, a massage and a healthy snack.

Near Canale Monterano about 60 km from Rome going towards Viterbo, we suggest you stop at the evocative Terme di Stigliano. A pleasant environment set in greenery will welcome you to spend a day away from the chaos of everyday life. There are five springs from which hyper thermal sulphur-iodic water flows with temperatures ranging from 36°C to 56°C.

Going toward the seaside in Civitavecchia there are the Terme della Ficoncella. On a beautiful hill are five pools open all year round, a unique setting that will make your experience truly unforgettable.

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