Parco Valle del Treja


In the province of Rome, near Mazzano Romano, just 50 kilometres from Rome, we find ourselves in a natural landscape with a long geological history that, over the centuries, has defined the formation of hills, cliffs, and slopes. The various eruptions of the pre-existing volcanoes have covered the rocks, the terrain and, through the force of atmospheric agents, along with the flow of water on the surface, formed the valleys we see today.

In the Treja Valley, on the “hunt” for unforgettable moments.

Numerous large and small waterfalls pour down into the Treja River, and one of the best known is located in the locality of Mount Gelato, with its uniquely beautiful scenery.

You’ll be enchanted by the majestic specimens of poplars, elms, alders and willows and a great variety of animal species that inhabit the river water.

In this enchanted setting that once included a series of routes on both land and water, we find the Via Amerina. The road began from the former Mansio ad Vacanas post station (in the Baccano valley) and reached Nepi, Falerii Novi, Castello Amerino, Orte and the ancient city of Ameria (Amelia), from which it took its name. Secondary roads were built from the main axis to connect with the Vie Cassia, Flaminia and Tiberina.

You’ll experience the fascination of of walking on an ancient basalt-paved road perfectly preserved, where along the way you’ll see an amazing Roman necropolis and an unexpected city surrounded by mighty walls of tuff, a Cistercian church and the wonder of the agro falisco.

The magic of history and nature, an itinerary not to be missed.

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