Cycling among the lakes of Rieti

Rural cycling around the lakes of Ripasottile and Lungo, in the Rieti countryside. Two oases of nature protected by a regional reserve, to explore by bicycle along the solitary roads. From the centre of Rieti, follow the signs for the airport and then for Terni-Piediluco. After 7 km, turn in the direction of the natural lake Reserve of Ripasottile and Lungo.

Continue to the locality of Idrovore where the visitor centre is located. Through a lane, you arrive at the banks of Ripasottile lake that has two observatories on the left. Once past Idrovore, a farm and a rural village, continue for 7 km reaching the state highway near the small Church of San Nicola. After the locality of Setteponti, pass through Via Torretta and you will have arrived at Lungo lake.

Going back to the state highway, go to the right and immediately after the bridge pretty much hidden from view (before the fork of Poggio Bustone, the city of Lucio Battisti), turn right again for the pleasant 2.5 km route of Lungo and Lame lake. Passing under the poplars and willows, skirt the lake, approaching the water in different points to see where the water lilies grow and maybe spot grebes and ducks. Return by the same road until Rieti.

Departure and Arrival: Rieti

Length: 35 km

Difficulty: easy

Note: The itinerary is best suited to mountain biking. We strongly recommend bringing binoculars for bird watching.

What to see: Known as the “belly button of Italy” for its geographical position, Rieti has a beautiful historical centre inside the mighty 15th-century walls, along the Velino banks, with a cathedral and Romanesque bell tower, Palazzo Vecchiarelli, Teatro Flavio Vespasiano and the Civic Museum. In the Rieti Valley, there are four sanctuaries connected to the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi, who spent a period in retreat there.

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