Valle del Treja Nature Reserve

The Valle del Treja is a place not far from Rome which offers hiking trails and itineraries amidst the beauty of nature. The territory has a very long geological history, influenced by the presence of large volcanoes.
The various eruptions have covered the rocks and the land, while the atmospheric agents, together with the slow flow of the waters of the Treja river, have created large furrows which over the centuries have become valleys.
Thanks to activities such as hiking, suitable even for beginners, you can discover these valleys and the river, while letting yourself be enchanted by the stories they tell, amidst numerous Etruscan temples and the remains of medieval churches surrounded by luxuriant woods. When the waters of the river flow slowly, the scenery boasts majestic examples of poplars, elms, alders and willows and a great variety of animal species that inhabit the river’s waters.
Walking along ancient trails you can to get to know the territory and its history, or simply enjoy admiring the course of the Treja river with its numerous waterfalls, the best known being that of Monte Gelato, much appreciated by lovers of nature photography.
Finally, we find the Via Amerina, an important communication route that Rome, for about seven centuries, used to control the basin of the Mediterranean, the “sea between lands.”
Here, along the Via Amerina, we meet crèche-like towns perched high on cliffs, necropolises that testify to the spirituality of a now-vanished people, medieval villages of enchanting beauty and castles full of mystery.For further information: Parco Naturale Valle del Treja

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