Veio Park

Yesterday this was the southern tip of the land belonging to the Etruscans, Rome’s arch-rival, the enemy to be beaten at all costs – whom Furius Camillus was only to defeat in AD 396. Today it is a precious green lung for the citizens of the Capital, in search of relaxation and clean air just outside the city. Boasting 15,000 hectares, the Veio Park extends to the north of Rome between the Via Flaminia and the Via Cassia and encompasses the so-called Agro Veientano, in a stunning landscape where natural beauty blends perfectly with local history and culture.

The park is made up of nine municipalities: Campagnano di Roma, Castelnuovo di Porto, Formello, Magliano Romano, Mazzano Romano, Morlupo, Riano, Sacrofano and the XX Municipio del Comune di Roma: with a surface area of 7,000 hectares, the last territory alone covers almost half of the protected area.
The predominant tree in the forests is the turkey oak, but there are also patches of holm oak and poplars, with willows and alders in the damper parts. The fauna is also abundant and varied, including several species of naturalistic interest such as the spectacled salamander, the four-lined snake, the gudgeon, the black kite and the kingfisher.

Some places, on account of their outstanding natural beauty, such as the Valli del Sorbo in Campagnano, have been recognized as “Sites of Community Importance” by the European Commission. Traces of Etruscan and Roman civilizations have made this an area of seminal importance, as is evident from the great number of archeological sites and discoveries to be found here. There are also fascinating necropolises and early settlements, like the site of the ancient Etruscan town of Veio, as well as the Roman Villa of Livia at Prima Porta.

For further information: Parco di Veio.

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