Vicalvi, in the province of Frosinone, is a village perched at about 600 m above sea level, surmounted by the mighty mass of the medieval castle, which dominates the entrance to the Comino Valley 128 km from Rome.

It has always been considered such a strategic centre for the valley’s defensive system that the various lords, each of whom possessed the castle at one time or another, were always very aware of the need to keep the mighty fortress in perfect working order.

The documents report that Vicalvi belonged to the Lombards until 856 and then came into the possession of the Abbey of Montecassino.

In 1550 the Castle served as a support during the retreat of the troops of Emperor Charles V, fighting the King of France, Francis I, for possession of Italy, but the French were unable to conquer it.

The municipality is home to the Convent of San Francesco, which hosted the Saint of Assisi during one of his journeys. Inside are some objects cherished by the Saint, such as a part of his woollen hood, a piece of board used as a cushion and a wooden crucifix.

The locality Borgo is characterized by an old group of houses where a post station was once located, and by industrial and artisan settlements.

For more information: Comune di Vicalvi



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