Villa Latina

In this small town in the Comino Valley, surrounded by dense woods and traversed by the Mollarino stream, you’ll be captivated by medieval tales, stories of brigands and swept away by the sounds of the fife and zampogna (bagpipe).

Preserved in Villa Latina, at the foot of Mount Meta, are medieval remains and traces of a Roman aqueduct as well as numerous remains of Roman villas and ancient baths. The area in the locality of Fontana di Bagni still has a wealth of springs including the renowned Fontana Carletti, whose water has diuretic properties.

The name is likely derived from the fact that numerous remains of villas were found in the area, including that of Orrea, along the road of monuments, of Pesco, on the Melfa hill, chosen by Emperor Caracalla for holidaying, and by Cicero, as a resting place before going into exile.

There are numerous churches to visit: the Church of S. Annunziata, the Sanctuary of S. Anna in Località Vallegrande, the Church SS. Trinità, the Chapel of Spirito Santo, and the Madonna dell’Orto.

Ancient artisan traditions are preserved in the village, such as the woodworking, wickerwork and bagpipe-making. The local sheep cheeses and pappafuocchie, a homemade pasta with water and flour cut irregularly be hand, are renowned.

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