zannone te

Zannone Island

Zannone is 6 nautical miles from the port of Ponza, to which it administratively belongs, and can be reached only by a private boat or with one of the boats that connects it to the main island in summer. Comprised within the Circeo National Park, it measures roughly 102 hectares and has a coastline of about 6 kilometres.

The circumnavigation of the island does not take long and will allow you to notice the difference between its rocks and those of Ponza and Palmarola. The place of landing is Punta dal Varo, which faces Ponza, but only when the weather is fine and the sea is not rough. While sailing in a south-east direction you can enjoy picturesque views of Cala delle Grottelle, Scoglio del Monaco, Capo Negro, Punta del Mariuolo and Punta Lunghetiello.

On land you can see the remains of the Benedictine Convent of the Holy Spirit of Zannone. Of archaeological interest is the fish pool carved out of the rock. It is connected to the sea via an underground pipe and is accessible by an outdoor stairway near Punta dal Varo.

In prehistoric times the obsidian of Palmarola island was brought here to be worked.

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