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The great sporting events in Rome

Roma caput sport!

Periodically, the capital hosts international sports events that attract thousands of people throughout the year in an exceptional setting that makes all the events held there unique.

Between February and March, lovers of the oval ball meet up at the Olympic Stadium for the 6 Nations Championship, the most important international 15-match rugby tournament in the Northern Hemisphere. An ancient and fascinating tradition makes this sport unique for its competitive spirit and the respect that brings the players together in the so-called « Third Half” at the end of the game. Since 2000, Italy has been part of the tournament, participating along with Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland and France. www.sixnationsrugby.com/it/

In April, the great marathon runners arrive in the capital for the Rome Marathon. A race through distant history along the canonical route of 42.195 meters between the beauties of the Eternal City, departure and arrival along Via dei Fori Imperiali at Foro di Traiano and the Campidoglio. A unique and unrepeatable scenario. www.maratonadiroma.it

In May, spotlights shine on the Foro Italico during the International Tennis Championships, one of the most important tournaments in the world on clay courts. This well-established event originated in the early 1900s, in 1930, to be precise, at the Tennis Club in Milan. Since 1935, the tournament has been held in the beautiful Foro Italico! www.internazionalibnlditalia.com

From the Foro Italico we go to Villa Borghese on the occasion of the Piazza di Siena, one of the best horse races in the world. The event takes place in the fascinating and evocative grounds of Villa Borghese, one of the largest and most celebrated public parks in the capital, in the last week of May. The first equestrian competition dates back to 1922, but it was in 1928 that Piazza di Siena became part of the history of the Official Horse Show Competitions with four teams competing, France, Poland, Spain and Italy. www.piazzadisiena.it

From riding to athletics for the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea, the most important international athletics championships in Italy and one of the most highly anticipated events in the Rome of sports. Established in 1980, every year is a fundamental step for the Diamond League. rome.diamondleague.com/home/

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